Churchill & Smith K-lex Luxury Pillows


Handmade right here in California, The Churchill and Smith pillows are carefully created from fabrics and materials like Organic Cotton, Latex, Wool and Kapok.

The K-Lex pillow comes in a custom-made side sleeper pillow (shown) and a regular soap-shaped pillow in Standard, Queen, King and Travel/Child sizes.

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Product Description

This luxurious pillow is specifically designed for side sleepers, leaving space for the shoulder while supporting the head and neck exclusively!

The Churchill and Smith K-Lex Pillow combines the durability of natural latex pellets with ultra-lightweight and soft Kapok fiber.

Derived from the seed pod of the Ceba Tree, Kapok has been used for decades as a durable yet lightweight fill – so light that it floats! Used with the natural latex pellets, the combination creates the ideal feel of comfort and support while retaining the ability to fluff and shape the pillow.

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